Appointment Letter COLA Holder

ASE ONLINE Form Creator

You may create an Appointment Letter online in less than 2 minutes using our automated ASE Letterhead Generator by following the instructions below:

1- Have a copy of your Company Logo Handy.

  • The logo must be in Square format (See the Examples below)
  • It must be either in JPEG or PNG format on white or transparent background.
  • We recommend a minimum  width of 500 pixel by 500 pixel to assure the high print quality.
  • Maximum size for the uploaded file cannot exceed 1 MB.
  • We do not store the submitted logo file and it will be deleted after the form is submitted.

2- Fill up, sign and submit the form below and you are done.


Start Here

Time to complete the application: Approximately 2 minutes.

Type or print the title of the person signing this document.

Upload a Logo

Upload your Logo

Upload a good quality file of current logo for your company to be printed on the letterhead. Please notice the following:

– Please keep the file size under 1 MB.
– Please be sure to upload a logo with white or transparent background.
– You may upload the logo in JPG or PNG formats. We recommend a minimum 500px by 500px size file.

We do not store the logo files. All Logo files are automatically deleted on submission of this form.